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Goodbye, Dell Adamo, we barely got to know you in all your thickness …

End of Dell AdamoWhen Steve Jobs took a MacBook Air out of an envelope, Dell didn?t prone to it and tried to prove that it was also capable of creating a computer that could be mailed as a regular letter.

The result of this endeavor was the Adamo, a superfluous computer with a daring design, but with a high price and performance wanting a description that fit the Airs perfectly, by the way.

Only that, with the models presented at the end of 2010, Apple showed that it is in the mood for a fight, which seems to have intimidated Dell. Patience: at the end of the year, Adamo was liquidated with substantial discounts (it was sold for $ 800, less than half the original price of $ 2,000!) And now there is no more. The fact that it has a SIM card slot was not enough to make it a success.

Your soul will live in some other line of Dell notebooks, but until a spiritual successor to Adamo emerges, it will be the way consumers suffer with a $ 1,000 ultrathin notebook suspended by a balloon.

(via CNET News)