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Gene Munster insists, persists and never gives up saying that Apple will launch a 50 ″ TV

There is a product called Apple TV. There is a 27-inch monitor in the Apple accessory line. There is a mysterious investment of almost $ 4 billion in strategic components. Ergo, there is a TV set from Ma being made. This absurd logic is what motivates Gene Munster to say, once again, that Apple will launch a TV set.

Apple TV, Apple TV, iTV

For more than a year, we believe that Apple will enter the television market at least from the end of 2012, Munster said in a note to investors. ?While Apple's commitment to the living room remains a hobby, we continue to believe that the company will enter the TV market with full focus, as an Apple all-in-one television could move the market when TVs connected become commonplace. ? 3.5 to 50 inch screens would therefore be the destination for the $ 3.9 billion that Tim Cook said he invested to secure stocks.

Shall we be honest? I want to be honest today. This is the most insane that Apple could have. Replacing a device that literally fits in the palm of your hand and costs a mere $ 100, for something that could not be carried in most passenger cars and would go for a few thousand dollars, to say the least, a shot in the foot: think in expenses with transportation, logistics, stocks, space and in the hell it will be taking such a manta to a Genius Bar.

As close as a Ma product can get to this crazy idea, a future iMac or Cinema Display will be so absurdly big that it could steal the spotlight from a high-definition TV, a side effect, in the same way that the Mac mini as media center.

I just want you to try to think how much such a joke shouldn't cost. A 27-inch LED Cinema Display costs $ 1,000, do you think a screen twice the diagonal and an Apple TV inside would cost $ 2,000? A-ham, Munster I'm already seeing the crowds leaving Retail Stores carrying these things.

(via AppleInsider)