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Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10 will receive features of the new Galaxy S20. Photography is one of the bets

In early February, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20, the new generation of its flagship, to the world, and now some of its features will reach the lines of the "old" Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10, released in 2019. The top three Update bets focus on features for photos and videos, a "smart gallery" and a new way to share files.

In a statement, Samsung guarantees that the software update brings part of the Galaxy S20 photo and video experience to the other two ranges of the brand. With a single take, for example, you can "stay in the moment" while capturing the image, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). The functionality combines the camera system and the AI ??to capture multiple photos and videos at once and suggests the best image.

The Galaxy S10 range has already been launched with a more developed night mode, but now Night Hyperlapse in this line of smartphones and the Note10 brings improvements in photos and videos, even in low light. In addition, with the new update you will be able to create your own filters for your photos and use them whenever you want while shooting.

In terms of video, the company now guarantees more control to the user. Adjusting the ISO, shutter speed and exposure level is now possible, and you can also switch between the front and rear camera while recording a video.

New "smart gallery" to better organize files and easier ways to share content

The update now brings new features to the gallery. Again with the help of AI, the gallery application automatically groups similar photographs into different folders. And, when viewing an image, you can zoom in on the photo itself and crop it to the size you want.

Smart gallery on Galaxy S10 and Note10

Another feature that "travels" through Samsung's 2019 ranges is faster file sharing. It will now be possible to share photos, videos or even heavier files with the contacts closest to you and, when sharing music, you can extend your paired Bluetooth connection. This is all without having to switch off to play the music over the loudspeaker or car stereo.

New way to share content on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy S20, the first smartphone certified for fast charging via USB-Ce, arrived in Portugal on March 13. At the event where it revealed the range, Samsung unveiled the three models Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra, with photography being the highlight.