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For the CEO of NVIDIA, the MacBook Air is the foundation for all future laptops (not just Apple's)

See the MacBook Air below, released by Apple last October? For NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it will be the basis for all laptops of the future and not only those of Ma.

MacBook Air viewed from below and from the side

It may even be that the machine does not have the Apple brand, nor does it run Mac OS X, but the design trend brought by the MacBook Air should be adopted by many other manufacturers. Incidentally, this may already be happening, as is the case with this Toshiba model.

It will be difficult to find one that doesn't look like the MacBook Air. I think (he) is a good mental image than a shell-shaped laptop (clamshell) will look like. They will be thin, because you no longer need heat tubes, fan and extra batteries to charge around.

Using Air as the future of Apple laptops is something that Steve Jobs himself promised in his launch: ?The Next Generation of MacBooks?, was how he titled the product launch slide.

And who knows, maybe we?ll see it coming to MacBooks Pro in the next few days

(via CNET News)