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FileMaker Launches Toolkit for Service Companies and iPad Idea Pack

THE FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple in the database segment, today launched two new solutions for small businesses looking for a simple way to create internal applications and better manage their inventories.

FileMaker 15

The first one Toolkit for service companies which consists of the ebook ?How to transform your service business?, created by FileMaker itself, as well as an initial application that helps startups in the universe of databases to manage their day-to-day activities and kick-start learning for create your own more robust and personalized applications. The app works with the FileMaker 15 platform for iOS, Mac and Windows, and the coolest thing is that the kit is completely free for all companies already using the platform.

The other news of the day Idea pack for iPads, a FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server license kit, as well as 10 hours of consultation with a professional FileMaker Business Alliance developer and the support of a successful customer manager, to continue helping you use the service. The package is available at two Brazilian Apple Retail Stores and on FileMaker's own website.