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Everything indicates that Apple will relaunch the iPhone 6 in Brazil – in a single version of 32GB

O iPhone 6 it was launched by Apple in September 2014 and remained the company's top-of-the-line model until September 2015, when the iPhone 6s came out. As Apple adopts a strategy of continuing to sell the previous model for a lower price, the iPhone 6 continued to be marketed until September 2016, when the iPhone 7 was launched and the 6s took its place.

A few weeks ago, somewhat surprisingly, Apple relaunched the device in some Asian markets. Instead of offering the original 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options, the company opted for only one model of 32GB (equating the minimum storage to that offered in other devices such as the iPhone SE, the 6s and the 7) in golden color. Because everything indicates that this iPhone 6 32GB also be relaunched here in Brazil.

No, this device was not found in a bar. ?

The reader Mark Bierast sent us photos that prove the existence of a 32GB iPhone 6 already with the Anatel seal and with the information (box, manual, etc.) entirely in Portuguese. Such a product, of course, can only be destined for our market.

We do not yet have information on when the device starts to be sold or its official price, but everything indicates that its relaunch should not take long. Considering that the 32GB iPhone SE officially leaves for R $ 2,499 (when split up to 12 times) and, apart from the smaller screen, it is like an iPhone 6s, it is not difficult to speculate that this 32GB iPhone 6 can reach Brazil for about in R $ 1,999 (our mere bet).

But why is Apple re-launching this device in some markets? The strategy most likely has to do with the possibility of offering a more affordable model, attracting more users to the company's ecosystem; if we take into account that the numbers of Apple here in Brazil are in decline (and not now), such a strategy makes sense and is not new, say.

If Apple follows the Asian strategy, these devices should be marketed not directly by Apple, but by its partners (operators). Here, however, due to the information we obtained, the large retail chains should also be included in the pie. In addition, in China and Taiwan, Apple is apparently only selling the model in golden color; here, as we can see in the images, we will have at least the space gray color (which he also painted in India and Belarus).

Who would be interested in one of these?