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Doogee S95 – discover the new line of Android smartphones

Doogee is a relatively unknown smartphone brand in the country. However, its focus on offering a smartphone with battery and excellent resistance. The manufacturer recently launched its Doogee S95, which also has a Pro version.

To get an idea, Doogee calls its cell phones an ?indestructible smartphone?, as it meets three security certifications, which we will talk about later in the article. If you need a powerful, sturdy cell phone with a battery that lets you spend the whole day without charging, the Doogee S95 and its Pro version could be your next favorite smartphone.

So stay with us and learn more about the new Doogee S95!

Doogee S95 and S95 Pro – Camera

The camera is one of the main criteria for those looking for a new device. After all, with him to take pictures for years to come.

At this point, the Doogee S95 does not disappoint. With a triple camera manufactured by Sony at the rear, adding up to 48MP, the device also uses artificial intelligence technology to optimize your photographs and deliver better results.

In addition, the triple camera features an ultra wide angled lens, enabling panoramic photos of up to 120. In addition, it is possible to digitally zoom up to 10x.

The front camera also does not disappoint, bringing 16 MP, making the Doogee S95 also a great option for selfies and Stories.

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<h2>Chipset, storage and RAM</h2>
<p>If the camera is the main criterion for some, the technical specifications are for others, who prefer to use the cell phone for tasks that require processing, storage and good RAM.</p>
<p>Both models feature the Helio P90 ?system-on-a-chip?, created for optimized use of artificial intelligence, such as the Doogee S95 camera lenses. Although the processor is not the most suitable for offline games or multiplayer games on Android, it will be able to run the current games available on the Google Play Store.</p>
<p>The Helio P90 from MediaTek has eight cores. Its first and most powerful two are 2.2 GHz, accompanied by six other 2 GHz cores.</p>
<p>Smartphones come in two RAM options. The Doogee S95 was released with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB. Your Pro version already has 8 GB of RAM and you can choose the model of 128 GB or 256 GB. It comes close to the most powerful phones today, but better ranked among intermediate smartphones.</p>
<p>Both were released with Android 9, the penultimate version of the operating system. They are likely to receive an update to Android 10 soon.</p>
<h2>Certified battery, modularity and protections</h2>
<p>Of course, both of the above information is very important when considering buying a smartphone, but there are other factors that you should also consider.</p>
<p>The battery is one of those criteria and one of the best qualities of the Doogee S95. With 5150 mAh, one of the largest capacities on the market. That is, it is likely that you will be able to use your smartphone for more than a day, especially in the first months. In addition, it is also possible to use wireless charging.</p>
<p>Another striking feature of this new line is its modularity. That is, it allows the inclusion of several accessories, changing the way you can use your smartphone. For example, you can put speakers and use it to listen to music offline with better quality.</p>
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