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Could Nokia and Apple settle their disputes in court thanks to Microsoft?

The agreement between Microsoft and Nokia promises to open up new possibilities in the mobile segment for two companies that have not had a good performance in the market during the last years, but at the same time, some believe that it can also help in solving the giant's old problems. cell phones in justice. More specifically, her problems with Apple, which also decided to play hard in one of the biggest patent fights in the industry, just over a year ago.

An intellectual property expert believes in a peaceful agreement between Nokia and Apple thanks to Microsoft's entry into the Finnish company's game, since Windows Phone 7 is not subject to becoming a topic in the courts in the same way as Symbian-based devices. As they are now fated to decline rapidly in the market (or even disappear), there is no reason to drag a legal fight for years over products without influence, even if it is proven that they infringed iOS patents.

Unless Apple decides to sue Microsoft (which it shouldn't), Windows Phone 7 can provide Nokia with what it needs to go ahead without worrying about the existing charges. With this, the company will have the opportunity to give up its own complaints, or to settle some other agreement with the Steve Jobs group that could end the current situation quickly.

There are fundamentals to this possibility, but it is also important to remember that Microsoft cannot help in this case with anything other than the offer of its software, which leaves open the accusations with dozens of hardware patents that Nokia and Apple have at stake. It is still a very complex case and, no matter how much experts try to push it to a quick end, it can still spend years on judging tables.

(via AppleInsider)