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“Complete the Rings”: Apple challenges employees using Apple Watch activity circles

There is no lack of stories of people who were encouraged to exercise / move more after acquiring the Apple Watchin order to complete your activity rings / circles.

Taking advantage of this idea, in February, Apple promoted an internal employee challenge called ?Close the Rings?.

As reported by the WatchGeneration (Google Translate), the challenge basically made what we have on watchOS ?real?. For a month, employees who completed their goals of standing, moving and exercising won gold, silver and bronze pins.

Apple also distributed commemorative T-shirts for the challenge, as shown in the photo above. About 40,000 employees participated in the game, which was based on the FitNow Challenges app.

For those who do not remember, Apple has also launched two "special achievements" for owners of Apple Watches: one on Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving) last year, the other at the turn of 2017.

(via AppleInsider)