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Chrome 52 arrives on the Mac with a renewed look; Firefox will soon begin to abandon Flash

Every six weeks, on average, Google launches a new version of Chrome. But not every time we have noticeable changes like the one that came out today.

In addition to general enhancements and various security fixes, Chrome 52 incorporates a renewed look to the Mac according to the Material Design Of google. General polishing was done on the top bar (flaps and address), on the omnibox and in menus.

In this update, Google has also disabled in its browser the shortcut to Delete / Backspace to return to pages, claiming that many users lost completed forms because of this.

For developers, the news is also not few:

Finally, Chrome 52 officializes the end of the old App Launcher.

Firefox abandoning Flash

cone - Firefox 23

Following in the footsteps of Google, Mozilla today announced future changes that will reach the Firefox which is nothing more than a preamble to the total abandonment of Adobe Flash.

The browser will start to block Flash content that is not visible and, in 2017, it will require the user to explicitly click on Flash content in order to run it. Firefox also starts to prioritize alternatives in HTML5.

Mozilla hopes that these measures will help to dramatically reduce browser crashes caused by Flash. And, again like Chrome, it announced that it will also remove support for all NPAPI-based plugins (such as Java and Silverlight) starting next March.

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