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Check out an interesting visual proposal for the MacBook Pro made of Liquidmetal

As we are in a climate of mockups, here's another visual proposal for a product not even announced by Apple, yet: the new MacBooks Pro.

Just yesterday, Intel published an advertisement that generated (and continues to generate) a lot of buzz, for containing a curious image the laptop in question could be a new black MBP, following the rumors of a migration to darker visuals on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and the adoption of Liquidmetal in the construction of machines.

The Italian designer Dario Crisafulli today published a proposal on how it thinks the new MBPs should be:

MacBook Pro mockup made of Liquidmetal

The machine would not only be made of Liquidmetal and would return to look all black like the old PowerBooks pre-G4 Titanium, as it would abandon its optical and hard disk drive ( there MacBooks Air), thus having a case 30% thinner than the current one.

See the comparison:

MacBook Pro mockup made of Liquidmetal

And, if Jony Ive & cia. did you think of something like that, too?

(via Cult of Mac)