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Become a master of programming while playing with your family? With Mimo you can

If you have a techie family and are looking for an activity that reinvigorates kids and keeps them entertained, Mimo promises to help you spend time in a fun and educational way. The application is a gateway to the world of programming through small games and challenges.

At Mimo, users will be able to learn the basics of various programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, Python or C ++, in an interactive way. From there, they will be able to start building their own applications and web pages and even understand what goes on behind the scenes of websites.

Instead of extensive classes, which may become less appealing to the younger ones, Mimo bets on shorter and simpler lessons, with exercises that can be done in minutes. After a short introduction to the subject in question, users can get started and start exploring the displayed code lines.

As you finish the exercises on hand and complete the challenges, the user immediately receives feedback from the application. If you can successfully complete the tasks you can earn points. In addition, Mimo records all the progress made so that the user can follow its evolution.

Mimo is available for both Android, in the Play Store, and for iOS, in the App Store. If you are just getting started in the programming world, the free application mode will be ideal. But, if you really want to embark on this adventure, you can subscribe to the premium service, which has extra features, for 9.90 euros per month.