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Apple's data center can have a different design; Apple stores prepare for Verizon

The information is not fully accurate / confirmed, but the Data Center Knowledge speculates that the new Apple data center, located in North Carolina, has a different internal design for its infrastructure.

Top view of Apple's new data center

Through press releases, the website found that Instor and Electrorack received orders for customized structures and innovative air flow and cable management projects, whose client who would have ?a highly aggressive implementation schedule? requested not to be identified. It is known, however, that both work for Apple's partner Holder Construction. Did you connect the dots?

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In a related note, still focused on infrastructure, the TiPb reveals that Apple has identified some Retail Stores where the reception of signal from Verizon Wireless is low and, to get around the problem, requested the installation of small antennas internally.

Verizon antennas at Apple stores

Just last week, I visited a Vivo store whose 3G signal was so fuzzy that once in a while it falls to EDGE a shame. thinking about this kind of negative experience that Apple wants to ensure that all iPhones 4 CDMA exposed in its stores are in full operation.

Most of these stores are likely to be inside shopping malls, where the signal is usually damaged. The antenna installations should be ready by this Thursday, the 10th, when Apple will begin to exhibit and sell the new CDMA models of its smartphone to the general public.