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Apple seeks more experts to develop devices with support for 4G networks

As more countries begin work on fourth generation mobile phone networks, Apple appears to be more willing than ever to work with the new technology. The volume of contracts in this area (including vacancies for engineers, such as this one) has risen sharply over the year, moving to here.

iPad 3G

There is nothing guaranteeing that the next generation of iOS devices will be able to operate on 4G networks, but Apple appears to be in a hurry to accelerate its implementations for tablets and smartphones. This wireless data transmission standard, known as LTE (acronym in English for Long Term Evolution) mandatory knowledge for those interested in working at the company as cellular network engineers.

Among the benefits of the technology, the improvements introduced to optimize the quality of calls on smartphones and, of course, their data transmission potential, capable of offering high speed internet to tablet owners, deserve to be highlighted. However, there are serious concerns in areas such as energy consumption and processing usage that have already caused many preliminary devices to fail in the market, so it is still likely that Apple will wait before making decisions on a final product.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)