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Apple seeks engineer specialized in OLED screens

While Apple supports the combined use of LCD, LED and IPS technologies in building screens for its computers and gadgets, Apple still appears to be interested in working with OLED for future product development. This is indicated by the 9 to 5 Mac, who says he obtained a job vacancy notice that was sent confidentially to companies specializing in the area.

Micro-USB port on Nexus SGoogle's Nexus S smartphone uses a high-quality OLED screen

According to the job description, the company wants candidates with extensive experience in the field, able to go directly to practical technology experiments. It is unclear whether Apple has worked internally with OLED in the past, but Steve Jobs has already positioned the trio LCD, LED and IPS as superior in his current gadgets.

With these technologies, the screens achieve greater brightness without compromising color and image quality, even at very obtuse viewing angles. However, OLED technology still has a chance to prevail in the future as it favors the creation of thinner screens, contributing to the reduction of the size of handsets. In addition, they can generate more vivid colors.