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Apple research opens possibility for 3G modem integrated with MacBooks Air

MacBook Air users began receiving an email from Apple this week pointing to an opinion poll, with some questions regarding the features of the ultra-thin notebook. Although she is not in the habit of relying on this to plan updates to her product lines, the research indicates some special intentions for her new generation of ultraportables.

Basically, she is looking to find out about the frequency of use of certain Air features and some technologies added to it, such as wireless synchronization of files and application data. But most of the questions are focused on 3G, especially on what users would do with a connection of this nature instead of the traditional Wi-Fi.

At the moment, MacBooks Air does not come with 3G connectivity by default, but Apple must have been planning to integrate this feature into their notebooks for quite some time. Ma's competitors are expected to launch products supporting this technology later this year, especially those based on Google's Chrome OS.