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Apple publishes a series of patents for OLED screens; even the set-top box will win a

A set of inventions highlighted yesterday by the Patently Apple leads us to ask an old question: how seriously should we take what is said by a passionate drunk in a patent text? It is important to think about this because many things are published to prevent competitors from launching something similar or to profit horrors in a lawsuit if they launch.

Patent OLED touchscreens

We are scratching our heads when we see a series of patents that describe integration techniques between OLED displays and touch recognition sensors applicable to portable gadgets, Macs or set-top boxes. An Apple TV with OLED screen mentioned en passant on a Ma patent? Somewhere in the world, Gene Munster must have jumped for joy.

Anyway, these patents are technical and the only thing that brings interesting the fact that they refer to OLED screens, a technology that, despite being relatively popular with Apple's competitors, ended up being discarded for presenting several disadvantages in relation to IPS LCDs. of them, the price.