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Apple patents suggest new security feature for Siri and the return of MagSafe – as an accessory

From time to time, they appear on the internet patents registered by Apple, many of them were created some time ago and are now published or discovered, pointing to new technologies that may or may not come true. Particularly, here in MacMagazine we prefer not to cover a good part of them because we understand that these are mere ideas, concepts whose possibility of finding daylight in a small product and, if it occurs, it will certainly be in the medium-long term.

However, two recent findings in Apple's patent filings have caught our attention, as they are technologies that involve products that are highly fashionable in the world of Ma, solving problems cited by many users and, mainly, because they seem like things that could exist tomorrow. We are not talking here about crazy ideas for ten years from now, but concrete and possible resources today.


The first has to do with Ma's personal assistant and promises to add a new layer of security to her. According to the patent discovered by Patently Apple, Cupertino is developing a way to make the Crab be trained to recognize specific voices in such a way that, with a predetermined voice command, the user is authenticated and only then can dictate the commands to the assistant.

This technology would be different from the recognition of ?E a, Siri?, which has existed since iOS 9 and ?trains? the assistant to recognize her voice by the command, with mixed results. With this new patent, the idea would be to configure another phrase to really authenticate the user, like a kind of company to the Touch ID, which would be especially useful when the device was not within the reach of the owner or the owner.

With this, it would be much more difficult for a malicious third party to obtain information or even perform some financial operations on a device as is well known, Siri gives you contact information, including your own, and you can still rent movies and series from Apple TV with voice commands only. Maybe the feature doesn't come with the rumored iOS 11 superpowered Siri? We can only wait.

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The second promising patent of the day has to do with a very small technology, but which, I think, contributed a lot to the Macs' revival in the last decade and caused a rain of regret when it was filed off the new MacBooks and, later, MacBooks Pro I'm talking, of course, about MagSafe, the magnetic connector that prevents the charger from Ma computers from being destroyed with a trip on the wire or something.

Apple's MagSafe accessory patent

Since the transition to USB-C as a way of charging Apple's laptops, the connector has been abandoned, but it may have its bags ready to return according to this patent registered in January last year and discovered by Mashable. It is important to note, however, that it would take on a different form than we are used to. Its resurrection would come in the form of an accessory.

Just as accessory manufacturers have been trying to do for some time with the iPhone, with the infamous Znaps, or on the new Macs themselves, with BreakSafe and Snapnator, Apple's idea exists in the form of an adapter that would fit into a from the USB-C ports and would then allow you to connect a cable with a MagSafe tip even an old charger to your new MacBook.

There are no more technical details about the solution, but even without the sweeping elegance of computers with MagSafe built-in, we are certainly talking about an idea that would please (and very much) loyal Mac users, especially those who are a little more clumsy. Would you buy?

(via Cult of Mac, 9to5Mac)