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Apple maps begin to incorporate information about parking spaces, including in Brazil

Another interesting move from Apple on the crusade to make your app Maps it will be at least usable (since it will take some time to equip it with Google Maps). The parking space information service Parkopedia today announced a partnership with Ma that will take its data to the native iOS navigation application.

Parkopedia on Apple Maps

Parkopedia collects data on more than 40 million parking services in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, including Brazil! , offering information such as prices, payment method, opening hours, number of vacancies, accessibility, user evaluation and more. Electric car owners will also be able to know where to park their vehicles in spaces with charging stations although this, unfortunately, is not yet relevant in Brazil, of course.

With the integration, Maps will start displaying this information directly in the application when the user searches, for example, for ?parking?. Although it is not yet a feature present in this initial phase, soon the application will also allow you to filter the results of these surveys, displaying only the cheapest options in the vicinity.

The novelty in Maps is already being implemented and should appear for all users soon be it on iOS 9 or on the beta version of iOS 10. If it hasn't arrived for you yet, access the Parkopedia website already to get a good idea of large amount of information they have available in several Brazilian cities.

A beautiful addition!

(via 9to5Mac)