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Apple is planning to build a Beats 1 studio inside the iconic Fifth Avenue store in NY

As we already reported, the Apple Fifth Avenue is undergoing a major renovation that will possibly double its size. This, however, will not be the only novelty of the iconic store. At least not according to a source from the MacRumors which has proven to be correct in the past (when it announced Apple?s plans to open its first store in Mexico).

According to this source, the future store will have a space dedicated to radio broadcasts online and free of charge Beats 1, from Apple Music. No other information was revealed, but analyzing the current scenario of the radio that has three anchors (Zane Lowe, Julie Adenuga and Ebro Darden) who take turns in charge of the radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everything makes sense.

Ebro Darden, one of the anchors of Beats 1Ebro Darden, one of the anchors of Beats 1

While Lowe is based in Los Angeles, Adenuga is in London and Darden in New York more precisely at a stadium outside Chelsea, Manhattan. If the plans described above are really true, Apple could make this studio in the Fifth Avenue store Darden's new workplace or simply have space available for him and other artists (who have radio programs) to use. Sometimes.

Without a doubt, it would be an interesting synergy to be able to enter the Apple store to buy a product, visit Genius or simply see the latest launch and see a little behind the scenes of Beats 1, which at least is considered by Apple executives to be the biggest station in the world. radio in the world.

While none of this is happening and the renewal of Apple Fifth Avenue continues, the company is operating a temporary store in a very close space, where the classic FAO Schwarz worked.