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Apple hires BlackBerry executive to work on “Project Titan”; new focus would also be self-driving artificial intelligence

Another day, more news directly from the Cupertino racetracks that probably do not yet exist, but if the pace there is similar to that of the rumored machine, it will certainly exist soon.

3D mockup / render of

The latest addition to the ?Project Titan?, courtesy of Bloomberg, the hiring of Dan Dodge (no, do not confuse with the famous homonymous American automaker), founder and CEO of QNX, the company responsible for developing the operating system of the same name that equipped and still equips the control systems of a series of cars of the most diverse brands to this day. In 2010, QNX was purchased by Research In Motion BlackBerry and since then Dodge has held a high position in the then created automotive technology division there.

Dodge comes, it is reported, to join the high-level team that Bob Mansfield, recently reinstated Apple, is putting together to give a complete turnaround to the ?Apple Car? project and finally get things going, in the greatest style JobsianAnother name that recently landed in Cupertino to join the Avengers initiative is that of Todd Gray, ex-Ford.

According to the report, a number of Apple veterans are being recruited to lead different project development fronts: John Wright on the software team, Benjamin Lyon leading a group dedicated to sensors and D. J. Novotney responsible for the team of hardware engineers.

Speaking of ?Apple Car?, incidentally, another detail of the matter of Bloomberg deserves attention: supposedly, one of the focuses of the new direction of the project is a self-driving, along the same lines (or maybe even more) than the polemic Autopilot, from Tesla.

Although this does not mean that Ma's own car project would be being discarded, such an onslaught would certainly bring a range of options to the company: use artificial intelligence in your car or, if plans change in 2021, launch it in partnership with some other automaker. it is always good to surround yourself with care, after all.

(via 9to5Mac)