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Apple grabs 60% of touchscreen production capacity for 2011

According to the DigiTimes, Apple has managed to secure most of the global production of touch screens to ensure the assembly of its gadgets on a large scale in factories in Asia. The rumor points that the manufacture of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch consume 60% of the touchscreens sent to electronics companies during this year, which is scary for just one company.

Ensuring that many screens appear to be necessary to satisfy Apple's sales forecast, which is expected to exceed 40 million units on iPads this year. However, competition is fierce, as other companies that will launch tablets this year (in particular Research In Motion and HP) are also looking for as many touchscreens as possible.

Earlier this year, Apple disbursed nearly $ 4 billion to secure components over the next two years, which many believe is related to touch screens. The investment objective would be to avoid what happened to the iPad last year, which went through a complicated sales start due to production delays.