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Apple celebrates Turkish Children's Day with three commercials filmed by two 11-year-olds [atualizado: mais um]

The advertising campaign ?Created with iPhone? (?Shot on iPhone?) Apple continues with everything. This time, to celebrate the Children's Day Turkish (which coincides with National Sovereignty Day in the country, on April 23), she aired three commercials filmed by two children of 11 years old each.

The first, filmed by Eren P., plays with a depth effect with illusion of optics; the other two Beliz E., use a combination of macro shooting with the slow motion feature of iPhones.

Once again, we see here Apple's tendency to produce more and more ?regionalized? commercials. And ourselves, here in Brazil, we benefited from this recently with a beautiful Carnival VT.

Nice, huh? ?

(via 9to5Mac)

Update by Eduardo Marques · 04/21/2017 s 10:39

Apple today published another video of the campaign, for Tahsin A.:

In addition, Tim Cook also shared photos taken by children who are stamping huge gable ads in buildings, see:

We are celebrating National Sovereignty and Children's Day with incredible photographs taken by young talents from Turkey. # 23Nisan #iPhoneileekildi ??