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And it's time for our seventh compilation of iOS 10 beta screenshots!

Yesterday afternoon, Apple released the fourth beta version of iOS 10 for developers (full of new / redesigned emojis!). Not long ago, his third public beta version was also released for members of the Apple Beta Software Program.

So it's time for our seventh compilation of screenshots of Apple's newest mobile operating system. For those who want to see * everything * we already published on iOS 10, including obviously the previous six compiled, just click here.

Let's go? ?


We already showed it yesterday, but here are some of the new / redesigned iOS 10 emojis:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Lucas Dallaverde
IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra

Control Center

New notice about changes to the Control Center, which now has multiple pages. By the way, not yet translated into Portuguese.

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Breno Masi
IOS 10 beta screenshotVia: @mvcmendes

Date in the Notification Center

The date appears again at the top of the Notification Center widget area:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra

By the way, we haven't shown yet (not new in beta 4) that on iPads we also have the weather forecast for the city where you are:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Renan Gonalves

Apple Music

Area with more content from the band / artist on Apple Music:

IOS 10 beta screenshotImage: Michel Duarte Corra

· · ·

In addition:

  • The typing sound of the keyboard has changed slightly again and there are now new cool ones for when we delete characters, for the space bar, for the Shift it's the Return, and when switching between keyboards.
  • According to Marcus Mendes (@mvcmendes), Apple removed the 3D Touch shortcut that worked with Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. Unfortunately it seems that this time we will not have this, but it is still very curious.
  • Apple also removed the haptic feedback (flickering) when locking the iPhone, which was in beta 3.
  • Some old wallpapers have been removed, but interestingly the iOS 8 priests have returned.
  • Some system animations / transitions are now slightly faster.
  • The Sade apps (Health) And house (Home) also received minor visual improvements.

Soon, more!