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Although on sick leave, Steve Jobs continues to work on major Apple projects

Steve Jobs' second medical license did not take him out of work at Apple so much that he was already seen walking around his campus, which certainly wasn't for any visit. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company's major projects for the first semester are the reasons that kept the CEO in office this time, even though he worked most of the time at home.

Steve Jobs - Reuters

The newspaper claims that Jobs remains involved in important decisions, especially related to the development of new products. Two of them, the next iPhone and the second generation of the iPad, would be the executive's priorities, as they are the first highlights of the list of news that Apple intends to reveal in the coming months.

In addition, the Mac and other related topics are already on the agenda for the company's next developer conference, due in June this year. Outside of these projects, Jobs's daily operations at the helm of Apple are in the hands of Tim Cook, who did not have to replace him completely this year.

(via MacNN)