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A few hours before the fight really starts, Apple and Unwired Planet agree

In 2012, the Unwired Planet sued Apple and Google for alleged patent infringements related to cloud messaging, mobile digital content and location services.


Yesterday (Monday, 17/4), less than a week after the selection of the jury and on the same day that both would make their opening statements, they asked the responsible judge Vince Chhabria to drop the case. Yes, hours before the fight started, the companies entered into an agreement and informed that they will bear the respective legal costs and lawyers' fees.

The details of the agreement itself were not disclosed; Unwired Planet sought between $ 0.07 and $ 0.09 for each device that would have infringed its patents (which would have been released after September 19, 2012, running iOS 7 or earlier) the case does not cover iGadgets released with iOS 8 or higher.

(via AppleInsider)