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8 apps for writing stylish photos!

If you thought that image editing apps in general already offered good options for writing in photos, you need to know apps that are specifically aimed at this feature. As they are specialized, they offer even more types of fonts and text customization tools.

AppGeek has prepared a list of 8 apps, available for Android and iOS, that will leave your photo in style.

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1. Phonto

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<p>The purpose of Phonto is exactly to allow the user to add text to their photos. So it leaves nothing to be desired in variety. After all, there are more than 200 different sources available.</p>
<p>The tools offered are also quite rich. The user can modify size, color, gradient, thickness, background, rotation, spacing between lines, curvature, perspective, among other points.</p>
<p>The app also allows you to change the theme image (and use photos from the phone's memory) and add items such as balloons, stars and other figures.</p>
<p>Phonto is available for Android and iOS.</p>
<h2>2. Over Edit & Add Text to Photos</h2>
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Over Edit & Add Text to Photos offers a vast arsenal of features. The app can be very useful for creating posters, business cards, email templates, pamphlets, album covers, among other arts.

For this, it has hundreds of fonts, thousands of templates and images with free use. There is also the possibility of using own photos and perfecting them with the more than 25 thousand graphic elements (frames, backgrounds, shapes, illustrations, stickers) available.

It is possible to change the font color, add shadow to the text, in addition to using filters and effects on the images. The proposal is that the user reaches a final product with a professional style.

Over Edit & Add Text to Photos is available for Android and iOS.

3. Textgram X – Write on Photos

Textgram X

Like the others, Textgram X allows the user to customize their photos by adding text of different styles. The user can start his creation from scratch or using photos from the smartphone gallery or use one of the several templates available.

With regard to the texts themselves, it is possible to edit the colors, add shadows, apply a mirror effect or upload sources external to the application. As for the graphic elements, stickers, emojis and much more are available.

Textgram X is available for Android.

4. PicLab – Photo Editor


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Despite being defined as an "all-in-one photo editor", PicLab is an excellent option for those looking for a complete tool for writing images. The app offers several typography options. Elements such as rotation, size, opacity and text can be changed.

If you want to add multiple layers of text, it is also possible. The user can also make montages and overlay photos, as well as apply effects and different filters. Elements such as frames, textures, templates and free hand drawing are also available.

PicLab is available for Android and iOS.

5. DesignLab – Creative Design

DesignLab - Creative Design

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With a focus on social networks, especially on Instagram Stories, DesignLab – Creative Design surprises by the wide variety of features. You can start your art from scratch or take advantage of the thousands of images available in the program gallery.

The user can select one of the several available fonts or import his own and change color, size, opacity and rotation. Then just apply the effect you prefer, such as folding, bending, using the 3D effect, scratching, etc.

There are also tools for free hand drawing, including logos, filters and even erasing only parts of the photo. The app also gives suggestions for formats for different platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram Story or post.

DesignLab – Creative Design is available for iOS.

6. Font Studio – Text on photos & Editor

Font Studio

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Font Studio – Text on photos & Editor offers more than 200 different fonts to apply your favorite photos. Everything can be customizable: spacing between letters, color, size, transparency, background color, etc.

There is also the option of including shapes and adhesives to add even more style to the material produced. The result can be clean or more exaggerated. Everything goes according to the creator's preference.

Font Studio- Text on photos & Editor Image is available for Android.

7. aTypo Picture


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ATypo Picture brings a different proposal from the others: to cover the whole photo with words. The image becomes a type of typographic art.

There are several elements that can be edited to achieve the desired result. Altogether, more than 45 cover styles are available, with different fonts and colors. The result can be surprising.

ATypo Picture is available for iOS.

8. Photo2Text Label your photo

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<p>If your goal is to add text in order to make the image funny, Photo2Text Label your photo can be a great option. Add content with the appearance of labels, reminders, signs, stamps.</p>
<p>Or even put speech bubbles, as in comic books, and write whatever you want. The result can be saved in the cell phone gallery or shared via email or Facebook.</p>
<p>Photo2Text Label your photo is available for iOS.</p>
<p>Now that you create your stylish photos, how about getting to know 7 font apps to have personalized letters on your phone? Also check out 8 apps to hide photos and videos and ensure more privacy on your smartphone! But if you want to make amazing photos, we recommend 7 camera apps!</p>
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