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10 best games with local multiplayer: full list

Not being able to leave the house is certainly quite boring. To improve the experience a little, we have several lists of activities, such as indications of the best series to do marathon and the best Japanese anime.

Now, we have this selection of the best games with local multiplayer, for you who are with a friend or relative at home to have something to do together. Keep reading the article and check out all the games, with descriptions and links to buy!

1. Children of Morta

We started our list with Children of Morta, an RPG game with extremely beautiful and well designed arts, being ideal for those who like to take a print of what they are playing.

Follow the Bergson family, who feel the evil force of Corrupo and decide to do everything to stop it and save their world. Each character has completely different skills, with unique specialties. To check, you can go to the official website or Steam.

Children of Morta

2. Overcooked 1 and 2

Another of the best Overcooked local multiplayer games. Nowadays it already counts, also with a second version, but the one that became popular was the original.

In it, you are a chef and can play with up to three friends. You, along with other chefs, must prepare, cook and serve a wide variety of orders before your customers get angry and leave! Very fun to play, it is available on Steam and has a sequence of the same name.

3. Cuphead

Anyone who likes to record games certainly knows Cuphead, which was launched and became a sensation in 2017. Created by an indie studio, the designs are inspired by the 1930s and their visuals were created with the techniques of the time.

certainly one of the most difficult games on our list, which means that it?s not for newbies to gaming. Account with gameplay run ?n? gun that mixes with platforms. Go to Steam or the official website to see more.

4. Don?t Starve Together

Don?t Starve Together is one of the best simulation games for PC. It is an expansion (which does not need the original) of Don?t Starve, a charming survival game.

Now, you can play side by side with your friends or even strangers online, cooperating to survive in the difficult environments in which the game puts you. If you are after offline games for Android, know that it also has a version. The game is available on Steam.

Don't Starve Together best games with local multiplayer

5. Resident Evil 6

We also have Resident Evil 6 among the best games with local multiplayer. a third-person shooter developed and published by Capcom originally for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

In the game, you can control several different characters in several story campaigns, all of which you can play with a friend. To play this, which is one of the best offline games to play on the PC, go to the official website or to Steam.

6. Knight Squad

Great for parties, Knight Squad allows up to 8 players to battle each other, in a Bomberman game with several different modes.

Among the objectives, it has, for example, the classic Capture the Flag, where you must first capture a powerful weapon. You can also play a type of medieval football or playoff where the winner is the last one alive! Go to Steam or the official website to see more.

7. Child of Light

Child of Light is a work of art in the form of a game that everyone should experience. It was developed and published by Ubisoft in 2014 for a wide variety of platforms and, in 2018, it was released for Nintendo Switch, when a continuation was announced.

It takes place in the fictional land of Lemuria, where a child, Aurora, wakes up after her mysterious death from an unknown disease. Now, she must rescue the sun, moon and stars of the Queen of the Night to return home. Check it out right now through the link.

Child of Light

8. Shovel Knight

Another of the best local multiplayer games Shovel Knight, where you can play with up to two people at once!

In it, you control foot knights and have the mission to save the Shield Knight, shield knight, from the enemies that dominate the land and defeat the Enchantress to rescue it. Extremely challenging and fun to play, it is available through Steam or the official website.

9. TowerFall Ascension

Inspired by the local multiplayer classics, TowerFall Ascension allows four people to play at the same time, where they can choose whether to play together facing monsters or against each other.

A 2D platform game, limits players to only 3 munitions at a time, making each attack need to be thought through to ensure that it wastes nothing. Follow the link at Steam to see more.

10. Rocket League

Finally, we have Rocket League, possibly the only one on the list where it may be necessary to see the PC temperature from time to time. It has very attractive graphics and a very fun proposal.

In it, you control a car that plays football. That's right, all the characters are highly customizable cars and, as a goal, they have to score goals against the enemy team. Go to the official website or to Steam to download it right now.

Rocket League best games with local multiplayer

So, what did you think of our selection of the best local multiplayer games?

Leave in the comments your opinion about them, saying if you think we should have added someone else. Also, don't forget to check out the best PC games, the best free games to pass the time and how to create games!