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The iPad 2 is more powerful, we already know, but is it possible to perceive this on a daily basis?

The answer to that question "Yes, I can feel it here in Brazil!"

O TiPB made a quick comparison of the two generations of the iPad performing one of the most essential and everyday tasks for tablet users: browsing Mobile Safari. With the Nitro Engine present in iOS 4.3, the performance of both gadgets for loading pages was not so different. On the other hand, because it has twice as much RAM, the new tablet achieves real feats when keeping browser tabs in cache.

See, that's amazing:

While the first iPad only manages to keep a few tabs saved, having to reload several others when selected, the iPad 2 simply does not need to reload any of the nine open tabs. That in itself is impressive, but the thing is unreal when we realize that the good old board that appears while the tablet renders parts of a page doesn't even show up on the new gadget.

And, to crown this comparison with an enviable graphic performance, the AnandTech put several images of Infinity Blade face to face running in the two generations of the gadget. We separated only one, which already shows when the lighting effects became more accurate in the version of the game adapted to the A5 chip:

You can click on the images above to see them enlarged, but even in the miniatures you can already see how much the glow in the monster's armor is substantially better. Seeing the details, it is possible to notice that the textures are with higher resolution and many shadows have been highlighted (for example, on the lamps and on the statue).

Impressive, n?