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Seven hours of battery life on the new MacBooks Pro promise to be much more realistic

Battery life of new MBPs

The announcement of the new MacBooks Pro, earlier today, had an important absence: Apple did not highlight anything about improvements in the battery life of the machines.

Soon monkeys thirsty for information went to the Apple website and discovered a supposedly bad news: the autonomy of the new MBPs would have ?fallen? from ten to seven hours.

Well, this is what happened in theory, but not in practice:

Apple is carrying out a new test, even more rigorous, with the battery, which measures the expected results in real situations such as browsing your favorite sites in a cyber café or watching videos on the web. And what is the difference between this MacBook Pro battery and the previous one? It offers the same amazing performance.

OK. If before Apple promised something and did not deliver it in normal situations, it is very likely that now MBPs will arrive at such seven hours of autonomy. Better than lying to consumers.

(via TechCrunch)