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See sites and apps to work and be distracted during quarantine

The pandemic of coronavirus he left millions of people at home in an effort to try to contain the spread of the disease worldwide. According to the Ministry of Health, the trend is that the cases of COVID-19 in Brazil show signs of decreasing only in the second half of 2020.

But what can you do to maintain day-to-day activities that, even remote, cannot stop? We have listed some websites and applications that can help meet the needs of work, exercise and entertainment during this period where not leaving your home is essential to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you need video and audio conferences:


The good old Skype It is one of the first alternatives designed to replace face-to-face meetings. The application requires a registration and can be downloaded to the computer or cell phone (Android and iOS) for free.


Hangouts is a service of Google and makes both audio and video calls, as well as exchanging text messages. To use it, it is necessary for everyone in the conversation to have a company email account (Gmail or Google corporate service). The platform has free apps for Android and iOS, but it also works for site.

Popular in the corporate world, Zoom is becoming widely used by anyone who wants to chat with family

Popular in the corporate world, Zoom is becoming widely used by anyone who wants to chat with family


Zoom is another videoconferencing platform for meetings that can be used in quarantine times. The application can be found for free on Android and iOS phones.


Number 1 in communication, the Whatsapp it is a tool that can go beyond messages. The application, free for Android and iOS, offers call and video calling functions.

If you need to organize yourself at work:

Nike Training Club, the American brand, has free training in app

Nike Training Club, the American brand, has free training in app


Trello is an organization platform divided into cards and tables for each activity separately. Within the cards, it is possible to list tasks, add delivery times, priorities and labels. It is possible to use Trello through the website or the application, free and available for Android and iOS.


With a focus on work collaboration, the Slack it is a platform where it is possible to join conversations, meetings and tasks in a simplified way. Among the tools, notification groups and customizations help to organize the workspace as if it were an office. In addition, the service allows group calls to be made. The platform works through the website, or through the application, available for free for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Teams

Another one of the group work platforms, the Microsoft Teams provides remote work tools, calls and content organization. The conversations have direct tabs for sharing documents online, to facilitate the home office. The platform has free applications for Android and iOS, but has exclusive functions for Office 365 subscribers.

Google Keep

Available free of charge to Google email accounts, Keep is one of the items in the company's productivity package and an option for those quick notes, so as not to forget tasks. In addition, there is the option of classifying notes by color, subject tags and sharing the lists created in the application with others. Google Keep is available for Android and iOS.

If you need productivity:

Google Drive

Google Drive is already a very popular platform for the combination of tools and online storage it can offer. It is possible to store and produce text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, in addition to providing a cloud to store photos and videos. In addition, the connectivity of group work, to access and edit the same document, for example, makes Drive one of the main alternatives for remote work. With the Google account, Drive can be accessed via the website or apps within the Google Suite, and through free apps for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Office 365

This is where the offline tools we have known for many years are. Word and Excel, for example, can be used to produce documents and spreadsheets, with options for downloading and editing. To have access to the program on your computer or cell phone, you must have a subscription to the package. However, with the coronavirus, Microsoft has released free tool access.

Google Classroom

This is a tool for teachers and students to do their activities online. With a platform integrated with Google Drive, Classroom allows teachers to create virtual classrooms and monitor how students are doing. In the service, it is possible to upload activities and guidelines, as well as deliver work directly to each student's folder. To use the platform, teachers and students must have a Google email account (Gmail).

Forest plant app if user can stay without being distracted by cell phone

Forest plant app if user can stay without being distracted by cell phone


Unlike the applications above where you actually use it to produce, Forest is a famous option for activating focus mode during these tasks. The app consists of planting a forest, where each tree represents an activity. These trees, however, only grow if you don't touch your cell phone during that period intended for work. Forest is available free for Android and in the iOS version it costs R $ 7.90.

If you need to have fun:

Video streams

Movies and series will be responsible for much of the entertainment in this quarantine. Content options go through several streams, from popular to services offered by national broadcasters, available through monthly subscriptions, which vary according to the service. THE Netflix, one of the most popular platforms in the segment, has plans that start at R $ 21.90 per month. J o Amazon Prime Video brings contents for R $ 9.90 monthly. Another option that has been successful with Apple TV, with large investments in production, despite the smaller catalog. The subscription also costs R $ 9.90 per month.


If you prefer to listen to good music, there are also applications that can make it much easier to spend time in this quarantine. O Spotify brings a complete music and podcasts service, with personalized options and suggestions for the user. Despite being a free application for Android and iOS, the premium version that brings the real advantages mentioned, and can be purchased for R $ 16.90 per month. O Deezer it also works as a platform that brings together its main artists and an option for those who want another place to gather their collections. Also with premium service and free version for mobile, it is possible to get rid of advertisements and access an exclusive service for R $ 16.90 per month.

Nintendo's Super Mario Run needs to be paid to have all levels unlocked, but entertains with deceptive mustaches on mobile

Nintendo's Super Mario Run needs to be paid to have all levels unlocked, but entertains with deceptive mustaches on mobile


The hobby can also be that little game that is successful in mobile app stores, with free or paid versions and for all tastes. The Super Mario Run, for example, a Nintendo classic of overcoming phases – or worlds – with characters from the two-headed plumber. Another very popular candy Crush Saga, a game of combinations of colors and figures. To remind the classics, Angry Birds, to hit targets, and Subway Surfers, to avoid obstacles, are options that can amuse quarantine days. All of them are available for free for Android and iOS.


In the world of reading, digital books they are just another way of occupying time and being distracted from the routine. O Kindle, Amazon's electronic reader, brings the option of storing and downloading works on an easy and light device. To acquire practical design, however, it is necessary to invest a few hundred reais, such as the 10th generation, which costs R $ 349. There is still an option for a free Kindle application, for iOS and Android, and several publishers are distributing books for free. Other applications can also handle the service Apple Books and Google Books are free applications to download and store books, you only need to pay for the work.

If you need to practice physical activities:

Total Pass

Total Pass developed online training in partnership with the network of Smart Fit gyms that can be accessed on the website, by computer or cell phone. On the platform, video classes are available to watch whenever you want, separated by functions, and there is no need to register to access the videos, which are on page specially created for the partnership.

Nike Training Club, the American brand, has free training in app

Nike Training Club, the American brand, has free training in app

Nike Training Club

This is a popular application for those who do not need a gym and prefer to exercise on their own. With free version for Android and iOS, the Nike Training Club offers pre-assembled workouts or the option to customize your activity. In activities, it is also possible to choose which muscle groups you want to work with and whether you want to use support equipment or not.

Adidas Training by Runtastic

Also in the model of guided exercises outside the gym, the Adidas app offers personalized training and even a coach a voice that encourages you during activities. To choose your workouts, you can also select a number of preferences to work on your body. The premium version, which costs US $ 9.90 per month, brings more advanced exercise series and pre-assembled according to the user's needs. The application has free version for Android and iOS.


Now, if your exercise is a dance, Brazaplay can be an alternative to burn a lot of calories during quarantine. The application, free for Android and iOS, offers choreography classes in different musical rhythms, from hip hop to reggaeton and has a large library of videos to explore.

* intern, supervised by editor Bruno Capelas