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Samsung will not change anything on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for launch, but other manufacturers will change

The launch of the iPad 2 even brought a surprise or two, but let's wake up from the dream: the gadget's news was predictable, wasn't it? Cameras, processor dual-core, less thickness and weight, gyroscope Anyway, these are things that we saw on iPhones and iPods touch last year and made the new tablet an evolutionary update compared to the previous one, which can be dispensed with, with a discount on the price of the old models. However, even with all this, some competitors from Apple may have entered a (small) panic crisis.

iPad 2 in Engadget's hands-on

I don't necessarily mean Samsung, which appeared to be planning to change features on its Galaxy Tab with Android 3.0, however it won't do that or Motorola, but rather other companies that had announced devices to compete with the original iPad weeks ago, maybe even months ago , but will not be ready to sell them even before the iPad 2 is released. The list includes many PC makers who felt safe to venture into the tablet market, including ASUS, Acer (who are already rethinking their tablets. for 2011) and HP, which pointed to its notebook division as responsible for ensuring the evolution of the TouchPad, according to rumors.

In the latter case, there are even reasonable chances that it will compete with the iPad 2, but there is still the incognito of time: only God knows the amount of sales that Apple will make before HP manages to make its first tablet at least reach the stores because it is clear that the Steve Jobs gang has established a control for the supply line that has left everyone in short pants. Eventually, products based on Android will establish themselves in the market against the iPad 2, but the lack of market vision that some Google partners had will be expensive and, based on what was known about the iPad 2 long before the launch, it reaches until to be a mess of those

(via Electronist)