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Rumor: it's the end of the line for Zune as a gadget, just the beginning for Windows Phone 7

A rumor published today by Bloomberg may indicate the end of an era: the Zune era. Okay, it wasn?t exactly years of wonderful achievements and the iPod domain wasn?t exactly shaken. We have to see that no Zune has ever known the warm embrace of an app platform, but at least it lives somehow in the hearts of Windows Phones 7 and Xboxes.

Zune HD

And that is exactly what the sources of the rumor said: going forward, Microsoft should no longer concentrate efforts on the music players it launched to compete with Apple's iPod. Existing models will continue to sell, but there should only be future progress in his software division, which works on Redmond's mobile operating system and Xbox 360, in addition to serving as an iTunes Store alternative.

As they said in the CrunchGear, ?Goodbye, Zune. This has been a long and brown journey. ?