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REVIEW: Geonav Control Center empowers your non-smart devices

The Geonav Control Center allows the user to remotely control their non-intelligent devices via infrared

THE Geonav, a company specialized in accessories for electronic articles, announced in November 2019 its entry in the segment of Connected House with different products. One of them Geonav Control Center, which allows the user to control non-smart devices such as TVs, air conditioners, decoders and home theaters that do not have an internet connection and are controlled exclusively by the remote control.

Is that Control Center an affordable replacement for the smart boxes of the Google and Amazon? Check now in our complete analysis.


THE Geonav Control Center has a very simple and minimalist design. Made of plastic, the matte finish on the bottom and black piano on the top where the company logo is also present. The only entry to the gadget one Micro-USB at the rear for feeding.

Geonav Control Center accessoriesThe Geonav Control Center comes with only one USB cable for power and can be powered by USB ports on TVs and notebooks

Weighing only 51.2 grams and with dimensions of 65 x 65 x 25 mm, a Geonav Control Center fits in any space in your living room rack. During our tests, it was positioned next to the TV and being fed via USB of the TV itself, since the gadget s need 0.5W of energy to work.

Connectivity and Interactivity

THE Geonav Control Center uses the network Wi-Fi to make the connection with the application HI by Geonav on the smartphone. From this app you can connect to your devices and control them remotely.

Geonav HI by Geonav ApplicationThe Geonav Control Center controlled by the HI by Geonav application to connect to the user's home devices

That gadget does not come to replace the consolidated speakers of the Google and the Amazonon the other hand, the Geonav Delivers a complement to transform older devices into smart, thus avoiding that users need to change all their electronics to build a totally smart home.

THE Control Center Geonav it works by sending infrared signals to devices that the user wants to control remotely. This small ecosystem works like a remote control, with your smartphone being the command buttons and the Control Center which sends the signal itself.

Because of this, it is possible to remotely control even a TV of tube, it is only necessary to look for the brand of the device in the huge list of compatible devices in the application. If not found, just teach the control center to recognize the commands manually, copying button by button the functions of the original remote control. However, this second method did not work correctly during our tests.

Micro-USB port of the Geonav Control CenterThe Geonav Control Center has only one Micro-USB input for power

Of course, for a home to be really smart, voice commands are indispensable. And the Geonav included the possibility of Control Center Geonav be controlled by the assistants of the Google and the Amazon. The process for linking the gadget to assistants in the simplest, needing to follow a virtual manual provided by the company. However, once this initial connection is made, the possibilities are endless.

Even though voice commands are fully configurable by the application Google Home by the Routines function, an extremely negative point is the lack of support for portuguese.

However, it is possible to create a custom voice command for each remote control action. For example, you can use the command Mute TV to mute the TV, or Turn on the fan on medium speed to activate the intermediate fan speed.

HI By Geonav application from Geonav Control CenterThe HI By Geonav app works as the remote control for your infrared devices

During our tests, we used the most diverse conventional devices (not connected) in different rooms of the house to test the technical capabilities of the Control Center, among them: a remote control fan, a Live, an LCD TV from Philips 32 inches and an air conditioner.

The controls worked very well, having a certain delay when the device is a little far from the Control Center. However, it is impressive that the range of the gadget is very high (the manufacturer claims to be 8 meters), to the point of not needing the device to be in the same room, even in the case of infrared technology, already replaced by wi-fi and bluetooth.


THE Geonav Universal Infrared Control Center one gadget that no one knows they need, until they have one. It serves both those who do not have smart devices and want to modernize their home, or those who already have a smart home and want to complement connectivity for non-connected devices.

Geonav Control Center BoxThe Geonav Control Center turns your home disconnected into connected in just a few steps

The main criticism goes to its complicated and confusing initial configuration. J that the Control Center it does not accompany any manual with a step-by-step and the user needs to spend a good few hours to understand and unveil everything he is capable of doing.

Finally, the gadget The clear example is that your home does not need to be smart to be connected.

Geonav Control Center specifications

Model Universal Infrared Control Center
Input 5VDC 1A
Power ? 0.5W
Infrared Range 8 meters
Wireless network 2.4GHz, 802.11b / g / n standard
Dimensions 65 x 65 x 25 mm
Weight 51.2 g
Price R $ 149.00