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Productivity: meet 12 apps that are (almost) a personal assistant

See apps that are able to optimize your productivity in everyday tasks

Everyone has those moments during the day when they think: ?how I wanted to have a personal assistant to organize my life ?. Having an assistant privilege for the few, but the good news that there are apps for your smartphone that can help – and a lot – to optimize your productivity and organizing your day-to-day tasks. Almost like a personal assistant would make.

See below for apps free and with the best evaluations that help to deal with daily tasks:

Organize your schedules

Person checking calendar app on smartphoneThere are apps that facilitate ?schedule a day?, whether for meetings or happy hours.

When it comes to ?scheduling a day?, whether for a meeting or happy hour, one of the biggest challenges to find a day and time that fit the availability of those involved.

Calendly facilitates this process, because the user can explain and share, in detail, his availability with everyone who uses the app. It is also possible to integrate it into the calendars of the Google, Outlook, Office 365 and iCloud to avoid receiving repeated reminders of an appointment made in the app.

Another option is Clockwise, which basically performs the same function. In it the user is able to organize the periods of the day itself for tasks such as work, lunch and meetings. The recommended app, too, for teams that need to coordinate their members' schedules to increase productivity.

Remember tasks and appointments

Smartphone checklist to increase productivityNotes, lists and calendars apps help you organize tasks and appointments.

The current smartphones usually bring apps calendar, reminders and factory notepad. Only 24me concentrates all these functions in just one app. Thus, the user is able to organize their appointments, tasks and notes in just one place, which saves time and helps in productivity. It is also possible to perform some functions directly from the app, such as calling someone and sending emails.

If you enjoy organizing your tasks in checklists, Todoist is an app where the user writes the lists and can set reminders for the items. In addition, you can invite others to the lists and distribute the tasks. Another app that offers the same features as TickTick.

Place order in the box (inbound)

iPhone with new email notificationOrganizing inboxes is a tough task, but there are apps that make it easy.

If you have something that consumes precious time in the day and often affects productivity office hours clean the email boxes. Have one personal assistant to do that would be good, n?

Edison Mail helps organize your inbox in a similar way to what Gmail does. The app categorizes e-mails so that the user prioritizes the messages he finds most important and also offers the function of unsubscribing to lists and newsletters.

Superhuman, on the other hand, is a system that, through artificial intelligence, performs a sorting in the user's inboxes. The system is capable of performing other functions, such as deleting messages sent and configuring follow-up reminders.

Dictate messages and transcribe conversations

Woman dictating text on the smartphone.Dictating messages and transcribing texts can contribute to your productivity.

At certain times of the day, depending on the routine, you feel like dictating or transcribing something instead of writing. Be it a reminder, a message or even a meeting. And there are some apps that capture what people say and transform it into text.

Otter.AI records and writes notes in real time. Speechy Lite performs the same functions, using the artificial speech recognition intelligence of the iPhone and iPad. is a tool for the Google Chrome browser in which the user can dictate emails and texts on the computer.

Plan trips

Smartphone with travel appThere are apps that help you save and organize your travel information.

Flight and hotel prices fluctuate almost like gasoline and meat – and not everyone has the time and / or willingness to follow the websites of all companies, let alone one. personal assistant to do this. Luckily, there are apps who do this heavy lifting.

Hopper helps with just that: he notifies you when tickets and hotel reservations are cheaper. It is enough for the user to tell where he wants to travel that the app starts monitoring prices.

In the case of TripIt, the app helps organize travel-related information, such as ticket times and length of stay, creating an itinerary. Thus, it facilitates access to dates, places and even confirmation codes.

Source: Fast Company