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Pretend surprise: iOS 4.3 found evidence that the iPhone 5 will have an A5 chip

Today, in the truism news, we have terrifying news: it is recommended that domestic children and pets be removed from the environment before you continue reading this post. Prepared? The image below reveals an overwhelming truth: the iPhone 5 will have an A5 chip. * trumpets *

References to the A5 - S5L8940 chip in the iPhone 5 - N94

In case you don't understand what this letter soup means, let's try to translate. Beginners in the software development arts found, in iOS 4.3 recently released with versions for the iPad 2, code for the new Apple processor. These references call A5 by its given name, code name S5L8940 (A4 was S5L8930). Very well. The image above shows the N94AP kernel, which would be the nickname of the iPhone 5, containing calls to the new processor. Ergo, the next Apple smartphone will use the chip dual-core employed on iPad 2.

Or we can use a little logic and see that it wouldn?t be new, but it wouldn?t have any fun. So, get ready for another shocking forecast: the iPod touch 5G, released between September and October, will have an A5 chip. * trombones *

(via MacStories)