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Pretend surprise: AMD does not bet chips on Intel's Thunderbolt technology

Apple Thunderbolt cable

Intel and AMD are fierce competitors in some segments and have been face to face in court several times, so it is not surprising that one detonates projects from the other.

O X-bit labs reports that AMD is not at all impressed by Intel's Thunderbolt technology, adopted by Apple in the first place in the new MacBooks Pro.

A spokesman for the company would have said that the arrival of Thunderbolt fails, as there are no peripherals on the market today that can take advantage of it (valid argument, but for how long?). In addition, its 10Gbps would not be priced for the 17Gbps supported by DisplayPort 1.2.

Intel itself today positions Thunderbolt as a solution aimed at professionals, not domestic consumers. In addition, it was very clear that it did not come to replace the USB, but to complement it. The time dir

(via Softpedia)