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One screen and battery – ready, that describes a lot of the iPad 2

This is already becoming a habit. After shocking Research In Motion folks with the first iPhone, Apple seems to be reaching ridiculous levels of miniaturization and space optimization. The highlight certainly was the iPad 2: we don't even have to wait for iFixit to see a little bit of the gadget's insides and see that its battery is simply dominates almost all of the internal space.

IPad 2 battery

Okay, but how about a little reference? Nils Hayat compared the image above with the first iPad, concluding that the internal surface occupied by the battery grew an astonishing 80%, representing 49% of the gadget's interior.

Comparison of iPad generation batteries

Technically, the iPad 2 is a screen with a battery behind it. It has almost no electronic components, apparently the A5 must be imaginary.

(via MacStories)