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On the eve of the disclosure of its financial results, Apple shares return to record historical record [atualizado: de novo!]

Tomorrow (2/5), at the end of the day, Apple will release its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2017. From then on, we will see if the positive pace of its shares will continue.

Today, that on the holiday in the United States (l Labor Day September 4th), the $ AAPL hit a historic record again by rising 2.04% and closing the day quoted at $ 146.58 (until then, the highest price had been US $ 144.54, last Tuesday). Monday's high was also a record high of $ 147.20.

Apple's market value is now estimated at $ 769.04 billion. S in the bank, as the Wall Street Journal (closed matter to subscribers), the company will most likely reveal tomorrow that it has exceeded $ 250 billion. Of these, 90% are outside the USA.

Surreal numbers, right?

Update · 05/02/2017 s 17:02

Another day, another record: the $ AAPL rose 0.61% today (2/5) and closed the day quoted at $ 147.47. Tuesday's high was also historic, at $ 148.09.

Apple now has a market cap in $ 773.71 billion.