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“Old” MacBooks Pro fall in price in Brazil; MacBooks and MacBooks Air are also down

Apple logo with Brazil flag

Just yesterday, we reported here on the site two very cool things in relation to Macs in Brazil: the opening of new Apple shops at Fast Shop with a super attractive promotion and a drop of R $ 100 in the price of the white MacBook.

Today, we find that the changes were even better. Starting again, with the white MacBook: although at the Apple Online Store it is really R $ 3,000, in Apple retailers / resellers the official price now R $ 2,900, that is, the drop for them, in relation to the previous price, was of R $ 200.

Second good news: Saraiva today also lowered the price of MacBooks considerably, even offering up to R $ 800 discount. At the time of publishing this post, three machines are listed there: the MacBook Pro MC374, which went from R $ 3,800 to R $ 3,300; the MacBook Air MC506, from R $ 3,800 for R $ 3,700; and the MacBook Pro MC024, which dropped from R $ 8,600 to R $ 7,800.

The prices of all ?old? MacBooks Pro were in Brazil, pending the arrival of new ones. In the Apple Online Store the previous ones are no longer sold, so the values ??below refer to the prices practiced in Brazilian retail while stocks last.

Check the complete table of changes:

Previous modelNew price
MacBook MC516R $ 3,100R $ 2,900
MacBook Air MC505R $ 3,200R $ 3,100
MacBook Air MC506R $ 3,800R $ 3,700
MacBook Air MC504R $ 5,700R $ 5,600
MacBook Pro MC374R $ 3,800R $ 3,300
MacBook Pro MC375R $ 5,000R $ 3,700
MacBook Pro MC371R $ 6,800R $ 5,700
MacBook Pro MC372R $ 7,500R $ 6,300
MacBook Pro MC373R $ 8,200R $ 7,000
MacBook Pro MC024R $ 8,600R $ 7,800

Time to enjoy, guys.