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New website gathers information about online shopping during a pandemic

From the Coronavirus E-commerce Info Center, measures, news, results of studies, communications, among other publications, are presented, conveyed by the group of several members of Ecommerce Europe, of which the Portuguese ACEPI Associacao Economia Digital is part.

The National Level tab gives you access to a map of Europe and just click on the country you want to see information about to bring up a page that contains the information. It should be noted that not yet all show content, but the idea of ??constant updating.

In addition to local information, divided by country, the micro site also contains data on ongoing measures and decisions taken at European Union level. It also has a tab dedicated to the United States.

tek covid ecommerce website

Finally, there is also a category especially dedicated to news related to the effects that the pandemic may have on different aspects and areas of e-commerce.