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New video of Apple Park brings us visions of its interior, with night flyovers [atualizado: mais dois]

Duncan Sinfield didn?t wait this time for the end of April and it already brought us another video from Apple Park, since we are in the month when the company promised to start receiving the first employees there.

If the last videos had already been sensational, this one is breathtaking as it brings nocturnal overflights that show us interior views of the ?spaceship?. Imagine how beautiful it will be when it is 100% complete, with all the lights on?

Outside, you can see that the work is still going on, and many more trees have already been planted on campus. Still, it is upsetting to imagine that Apple considers the work enough to receive employees unless it does not comply with the forecast, after all, we only have 11 more days until the end of the month

[via AppleInsider]

Update · 04/30/2017 s 11:13

Matthew Roberts waited for the traditional end of month period and posted yesterday his newest capture of Apple Park:

Obviously, nothing dramatic has happened in the past ten days. I am really in doubt whether employees have actually started working there in that state.

[via iClarified]

Update II · 05/04/2017 s 08:41

Want another video? Here it is, another one from Duncan Sinfield: