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New MacBooks Pro users face incompatibilities with LED Cinema Displays

Anyone who purchased any of the new MacBooks Pro in the past few days may be liable to face problems with Apple's LED Cinema Displays, more specifically the 24-inch models, manufactured since 2008. User complaints on the subject are already on the company's support forums since the beginning of the month, pointing to some image flaws in the use of the accessory.

New LED Cinema Display with MacBook Pro

Among them areflickering, temporary disappearance of image and distortions, which do not affect the main screen of notebooks. Because of this, it is likely that the problem is related to the Thunderbolt connector adopted by Apple, which replaced the old Mini DisplayPort as a universal means of connecting peripherals to new machines.

However, due to the fact that the problem does not affect the latest 27-inch LED Cinema Displays, the problem must be an isolated case of incompatibility and may even be fixed soon. The monitors that showed the flaws are based on an old version of the Mini DisplayPort standard, while new and models from other brands with different connections appear to be working well with the new connection and graphics from Intel and AMD.

(via Electronist)