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New MacBooks Pro can be configured with 12GB or 16GB RAM kits

Apparently, the new MacBooks Pro live up to their name: although Apple only offers the BTO configuration (Build To Order, on request) of up to 8GB of memory, we already have companies in the United States that offer upgrade kits with 12GB and 16GB for new laptops. Both are provided by Other World Computing (OWC), which claims to have successfully tested the machine configuration with the new options.

17-inch MacBook Pro, on its side

The upgrade is done using an 8GB DDR3 memory stick model, produced within the same standards employed by Apple. It is possible to use one of them with another of 4GB or two of 8GB, totaling 12GB or 16GB, depending on the user's needs more memory makes the new MacBooks Pro perfect for running demanding applications, such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, which can work with very heavy files.

The only disadvantage of these kits is the price, which is still salty: the upgrade to 12GB costs $ 880, while the second option, for 16GB, can cost up to $ 1,600. Both are on sale at the OWC website, which also offers internal 1TB HDDs for the new MacBooks Pro.