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New MacBooks Pro and Air Bring Apple-Enhanced Firmware Protection

Very few Mac users know of the possibility of protecting them with a firmware password, something that can be done simply using the Apple operating system installer via the DVD (or USB drive) that comes with your computer. With this password, it is possible, for example, to block access to your machine data through the Target Disk Mode remedy used when a problem prevents the user from authenticating to the system with his account, but it can make anyone in possession of his machine easy access to his data.

However, thanks to improvements that Apple has made to its firmware technologies, the password that can be placed on the new MacBooks Pro and Air offers greater security and protection against thieves, since it can now only be unlocked by an authorized service center. , if forgotten.

The news is good, but it also requires care of those who protect your Mac with a firmware password, as it will no longer be possible to remove it in an emergency. This includes any method of booting the machine that does not involve the primary hard drive, such as when using a Mac OS X DVD to upgrade the operating system or perform maintenance.

(via TUAW)