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Netflix: this tool allows you to synchronize your streaming with that of your friends

Social isolation is fueling the ingenuity of creative communities that have already come up with various solutions to bring us closer to each other and the social life that we must be estranged from over the next few weeks. One of the most recent creations of this plug-in, called Netflix Party, which allows you to synchronize your movies and series with your friends' cinema sessions.

To take advantage of this tool, just download the plug-in and install it on Google Chrome. Then you have to choose the series or the movie you want to watch, using the Netflix web version, create a group and join your contacts.

The idea is to ensure that you can continue to have the company of your family and friends when viewing series and movies, even from a distance.

The plug-in also has a small chat, where you can chat, share photos and gifs to show your reactions to your friends and family, which as far as possible, allows you to keep the human element present.

It is also important to emphasize that this tool is not official, but rather a product made by independent creators.