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Most of the weight lost on the iPad 2 came from the display structure

Not only from iFixit do applemanacos live: iFixYouri folks also have their moments of disassembling Ma gadgets, and today they brought two very curious information concerning the weight of the iPad 2. We already know that the new tablet is about 10% lighter than the previous generation, but where exactly did Apple cut the dough? (Hint: it wasn't on the drums!)

Picking up the iPad 2

According to iFixYouri beads, the much thinner glass (0.62mm versus 0.85mm), the lack of a side aluminum frame and the thinner LCD display (2.4mm versus 3.2mm) cut approximately 87.4g of the tablet, or about 75% of total weight loss, 112g. Hopefully this reduction in glass thickness will not end up resulting in more accidents and broken iPads.

On the other hand, if you use a Smart Cover, your iPad 2 will be 25.6g heavier than the original. Ironic weight loss, huh? But that's right: we lose weight and end up gaining.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)