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Microsoft launches import tool for Mac users to transfer content from Evernote to OneNote

Microsoft continues its drive to attract consumers from all segments to its field. Today, the Redmond giant announced the launch of OneNote Import Tool, a tool to allow Mac users to transfer content from Evernote, the industry leader, to Uncle Bill Satya's banknote solution.

Microsoft OneNote for Mac

A tutorial on how to import notes and content from Evernote can be found here, but the whole process is very simple: just download the tool, let it find Evernote notebooks on your computer, log in with your Microsoft account and click the button ?Import? so that everything is transferred automatically.

The move by Microsoft is a response to the change in Evernote's price scheme that caused a lot of controversy and complaints among its users a few months ago, the free service plan started to accept synchronization between a maximum of only two devices, being necessary to pay a monthly fee of US $ 4 to unlock unlimited synchronization. Just take a look at Evernote reviews on the App Store to know that consumers are not at all satisfied.

OneNote, on the other hand, works on unlimited devices even under the free OneDrive plan, which offers 5GB of storage. Microsoft says that since the launch of the Windows import tool in March, more than 71 million (!) Pages have been transferred to its note service.

(via MacRumors)