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Man steals 40 iPhones at Ribeirão Rodeo Music festival and is arrested thanks to Buscar Meu iPhone

Because Apple is the company that anyone knows and recognizes from a distance their devices and how much they are worth. Therefore, it is recurring to see users of Ma devices being the targets of thefts.

Last week, we released a case in which a thief stole more than 100 devices at the Coachella music festival (in California, United States). For yesterday, Sunday (23/4), as informed by the G1, something quite similar to what happened here in Brazil.

During the 13th edition of Ribeiro Rodeo Music, which occurs in Ribeiro Preto (SP), a man stole a total of 43 cell phones and 1 tablet of people who were enjoying the event, as stated by the Civil Police. Among the phones, 40 were iPhones.

Ribeirao Preto cell phones

The report states that the man was found in Vila Tibrio thanks to one of the victims, who ?tracked his cell phone through an application?. The matter doesn?t specify, but this app is probably our popular Find My iPhone (Find My iPhone).

Find My iPhone app icon

Neither the name nor the face of the ?suspect? was revealed, who was taken to the Flagrant Central.

Unfortunately, we are constantly concerned with this kind of thing. However, if it happens, it is advisable to do just that: try to track the device with the help of the police.

(tip from Robson)