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iSuppli believes further decline in iPad 2 production due to lack of components in Japan

We already know that it will not be easy for Apple to deal with the current situation faced by Asian countries due to the disaster in Japan, but things should be even worse for the newly launched iPad 2. According to iSuppli, which analyzed a completely dismantled unit from new tablet, five Japanese companies provide components for their production.

iPad 2 demonstrated by iSuppli

Among the pieces are NAND flash memory modules (supplied by Toshiba), RAM memory, the electronic compass, one of the glass panels used for the production of the tablet's multi-touch screen and the battery, which is developed / manufactured by engineers and Apple scientists in Japan. Some of these companies' factories have not been affected by the disasters, but the country's logistical condition makes it equally difficult.

It is believed that asemories can be obtained from different suppliers, but Apple is not able to contract with other companies easily in the current situation. There is no way to know how this information can harm the production of the iPad 2; so far, the only country that will not receive it as Japan itself predicted, is directly affected by the tragedy.

(via AppleInsider)